Zhangjiajie Huanglong Music Season APP is launched

Recently, Huanglong music festival organizing committee through its official WeChat public announcement, announced that huanglong music season android version of the APP is launched, the apple version of the APP would also be on next week. All participants and followers can download and install huanglong music festival official WeChat APP.

Letting art to embrace technology, auxiliary competition in science and technology, rich content via the Internet. According to understand, making exclusive APP is an innovation. It aims at combining the latest science and technology, via the Internet to simplify the process, the standard order, the comprehensive interaction and share the happiness. It also lets the organizers, participants and followers have a platform for communication and interaction to turn into a domestic and international influential music event.

Huanglong music festival (Formerly known as “Huanglong hole” art fair) is to promote the development of the grand music art exchange. It is also the world’s highest award grants music event. In 2017 Huanglong music festival will be held in Huanglong scenic area in August this year, which plans to hold international choral art week and piano art week activities. Event details, and real time can be searched by Huanglong music season APP and music festival WeChat public (Zhangjiajiehlyyj).

Translated by Sophia