Zhangjiajie Huanglong comes into ornamental leaf period in spring

On March 28, in Huanglong scenic area, new leaves are delicate, and flowers are in full bloom. Spring scenery garden of Huanglong scenic spot dresses up more colorful. As we have learned, beginning in late march, spring period has entered into Huanglong scenic area. Hundreds of maples in ecological square gives new vitality, spit out new bud, in the spring successively presenting all kinds of colors. It has brought surprise to Chinese and foreign tourists.

According to the controller introduction, at the end of march in early April, it is the most beautiful season of Huanglong hole ecological square. All kinds of flowers gradually has entered the peak flowering, and colorful maple leaves has colored plants, which is abundant in awaken of spring. Guests who come to visit for an outing are an endless stream. As of yesterday, Huanglong scenic area in March received nearly 150,000 Chinese and foreign tourists, on an average day, about 5,000 people to watch flowers Huanglong scenic spot for an outing and leisure vacation.

Translated by Sophia