Zhangjiajie hires Charming xiangxi singer Adel as tourism image

On February 25th, Wulingyuan district travel job committee office had a formal employment of Charming xiangxi singer Adel as the representative of Wulingyuan district travel publicity. It is understood that Adel becomes Wulingyuan’s first image representative travel publicity for nearly 30 years.

“I’m very glad to become an image on behalf of Wulingyuan, I will use my voice to promote the beauty of the Wulingyuan, in order to promote the visibility and reputation of Wulingyuan all your strength.” Adel said happily.

Adel, formerly known as Hong-xia Duan, Zhangjiajie Charming xiangxi theatre signing singer, more than ten for years, sings in Zhangjiajie Charming xiangxi large folk program for millions of tourists, also accompanies to the urban travel, southeast Asia countries and regions to promote Zhangjiajie magical landscape and beautiful image with a wonderful song.

Translated by Sophia