Zhangjiajie Helong Memorial Hall was opened

On January 24th,Zhangjiajie Helong memorial hall has completed the qualitative transformation, opening a test run.

For the 120th birthday of Marshal Helong, at the same time, it will carry out the relevant commemorative activities. Helong memorial hall since officially closed on July 20th, 2015, The implementation of quality transformation, lasting six months, with an investment of 13 million yuan. A noticeably difference after transforming of Helong memorial hall, exhibition hall is up to 10, and display area increased to nearly 1,100 square meters, to display richer content

Walking into the hall, written by the people’s revolutionary military museum, Marshal he long white marble statue was in central exhibition hall, as the biggest highlight. At the same time, through the sound and light technology, it showed the striking army long march road, giving an immersive sense. In addition, through multi-channel video elements, it was the first time to represent original audios and videos of his important place in the modernization of national defense and the army, new China’s economic construction and the firm foundation for China sports.

Translated by Sophia