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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon was praised “Health and Happy Heart Resort”

To further expand the stability of Taiwan’s travel market, Zhangjiajie Zhongshi Travel and Taiwan Fuxing aviation Longteng travel agency co., LTD. jointly invited eight Taiwan travel agencies to recommend Zhangjiajie.

In Zhangjiajie Grand canyon scenic spot, travelers visited the conventional ladder, Wu Wangpo plank road, Triassic travel channel, the stone forest, butterfly spring waterfall, and other main landscapes. They also examined the world’s longest glass bridge, etc.Everywhere, within the lush vegetation, excellent ecological, people felt excited about the spring.Especially to learn the news of the world’s longest, highest Zhangjiajie grand canyon Glass Bridge opening in October, people were touched by the world’s first project of spirit.

Traveling salesman also said that in the future, They would strengthen the cooperation and communication with Zhangjiajie, and tried to make Zhangjiajie into Taiwanese people travel choice for travel purpose.

Translated by Sophia