Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is Emerging “Parent-Child Tour”

Dragon boat festival bumps into Children’s day, In this small long holiday, Zhangjiajie grand canyon with the theme of ecological and leisure travel becomes a popular choice for parent and child. On May 31st and June 1st, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic area welcomes a lot of people.

On children’s day, many parents with children drive here to have a fine day. On the same day, The parent-child tour holidaying proportion accountes for more than 50%. Along the road, many parents with children to visit together, have a photographic picture, many of them are local and surrounding tourists.

However, on the small vacation, Parent-child travel isn’t just to travel, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot with numerous streams and mountain bends, Becomes an outdoor hiking, biking camping and other fine places.

Translated by Sophia