Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge resumed operations on september 30th

According to official sources,On September 30th,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge re-operation, will control the number of tourists received, according to the actual customer.In order to avoid scenic road congestion, the implementation of centralized parking for self-driving vehicles, Tourists can take a free sightseeing bus to tourist service center.Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge, the current opening hours are determined 06:30AM-17:30PM.

Since August 20, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge built and run, became a popular tourist routes. But in the course of operation, hardware and software supporting facilities found some shortcomings. Zhangjiajie glass bridge to resume operation, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon company also further improve and perfect, welcome visitors and the community more valuable advice.

Source: Zhangjiajie travel website