Zhangjiajie glass bridge came open to public on August 20th

The most spectacular bridge in the world. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge,it will be open to the public on 20 of August,2016. Welcome to Zhangjiajie!

Zhangjiajie glass bridge is building between Lishuya and Wuwangpo of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.It is a landscape bridge, but also the scenic pedestrian traffic,tours, bungee jumping, Liusuo, T station, and other functions. Zhangjiajie glass bridge main span of 430 meters, 375 meters long bridge, 6 meters wide, height of about 300 meters. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon entrance fee is CNY118,Glass bridge fee is not included in Zhangjiajie grand canyon's total ticket, if you choose walking on glass bridge, you will pay an additional fee CNY138.

There are two routes for Zhangjiajie grand canyon as follow:

A line: Tourist Service Center - A line sky - Rainbow Plaza - Yilianyoumeng - Touch cave - Shenquan lake.

B line: Tourist Service Center - Glass Bridge(Skywalk) - Sky hanging plank - Rainbow Plaza - Yilianyoumeng - Touch cave - Shenquan lake.

Visitors Precautions:

1.Inclement weather, Glass bridge may have to close.

2.In addition to wallet and moblie phone, anything should not be put on glass bridge.

3.Have heart disease, High blood pressure, Fear of heights, Drunkenness or Body unfit Tourists, please do not on the bridge.

4.Tourists are not allowed to wear high heels on glass bridge.

5.Not allowed to chase, slapstick, throwing debris on glass bridge.Not be leaning on the bridge railing, to prevent accidents.