Zhangjiajie foreign trade volume doubled over the same period last year

According to customs statistics, this year 1-9 month, zhangjiajie total foreign trade import and export finished 28.18 million dollars, a growth of 102.06% than the same period last year. Among them, the export 25.58 million dollars, up by 83.4%, import 2.6 million dollars, up by 100%.

The high speed of zhangjiajie foreign trade import and export development, dues to:

First, the benefits from the customs, business, tax, transportation, finance, foreign exchange and other departments overall cooperation, establishing the development of foreign trade and convenient work mechanism.

Second, the business department vigorously cultivates management main body, supporting the enterprise which have potential of importing and exporting to self-management.

Thrid, grasping the national policy, the good use of foreign trade regional harmonious development fund. It is to boost the foreign trade development.

Fourth, the new pattern of industrialization. It accelerates a good foundation for the development of foreign trade import and export, changes the situation of single export commodities and single export market.

Translated by Sophia