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Zhangjiajie City Signed WTCF-Beijing Declaration

Recently the WTCF has held the inaugural meeting in Beijing, the capital of China. Representatives form 58 travel cities and travel agencies around the world gathered in Beijing to draw up articles of this federation, and signed the WTCF Beijing Declaration. Zhangjiajie, as one of the most important travel cities of China, became a member of WTCF. Besides, Liangbi, the Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiajie City, signed this declaration on behalf of Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie will regard travel internationalization and becoming an international travel city as the orientation of travel development in the future. What is more, Zhangjiajie established friendly relationship with seven cities known as Cali Slightly City of the Principality of Andorra, Singing Outlets of Japan, Hadong County of South Korean, etc.; became a sustainable development monitoring point of the UNWTO as well as a member of PATA; built a website of Znagjiajie travel in the U.S. cooperating with the Concept Company of America. The membership of WTCF is an activity of international travel communication and cooperation and a further step to this city’s internationalization, and has profound significance for the international development and management of this city as well as opening international market.

Translated by Vincent Chou