Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi welcomes the 6,000th Performance

On April 2nd, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi grand theater was packed. The splendid national culture shows won the applause of Chinese and foreign tourists. On the same day, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi celebrated its 6,000th performance, which has received audience of nearly 12 million people.

Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi has founded about 16 years ago. In the inheritance and protection of ethnic culture innovation, quality has achieved a new leap. In 2008, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi international cultural square was named “National cultural industry demonstration base” by the national ministry of culture. In October 2010, “Zhangjiajie, Charming Xiangxi” was listed in the directory of key project of the national cultural travel by the national ministry of culture and the national travel administration. In 2012, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi realized the dream of the Spring Festival gala on CCTV. In 2014, “Zhangjiajie, Charming Xiangxi” had annual cultural brand, became a national culture brand, which is also the only honored brand of travel performing arts. That same year, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi also was approved by the hunan provincial demonstration base of minority cultural heritage.

As an important part of Wulingyuan tourist reception, in recent years, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi adheres to market-oriented, relying on local resources, with the program version upgrades, which enriched the contents of the performing arts and the quality of performance. With the cultural soft power, it increases the whole China’s visibility and reputation in the world.

Translated by Sophia