Zhangjiajie bullring town will be open to the public

October 1, 2017, Xiangxi largest Tujia bullring town - Qiaofeng bullring town will reveal the mystery to the world.By then, Zhangjiajie bullring will be the flag flying, singing and dancing, passionate, become a happy ocean, Tujia people celebrate the birthday of the motherland, with a unique way.

Zhangjiajie Qiaofeng bullring town is located in Yongding District, Sanjiaguan township,Xiao Village, 25 km from the urban area, covers an area of 63 acres, while can accommodate 8,000 people to watch.The size and facilities of bullring town are first class,It is the first high standard professional bullring in Hunan province.The bullring town has more than 30 bullfights and a perennial bullfighting.After the completion of the first phase of the bullring, will also build star hotels, farmhouse food, parking and other service facilities.also with Maoyan river, Houwang ancient village, it will become an important part of Zhangjiajie west tourist area.

Translated by SHUIRE