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Zhangjiajie becomes one of the 25 Global Dream Tour Destinations

The world is so big, You and me both have dream. From July 30 to 31, The national famous sites have published 25 global dream tour destinations. Two scenic spots in china are on the list, respectively, Zhangjiajie,Zhang ye Danxia.

The published 25 dream travel destinations mostly are international famous world natural heritage and cultural heritage.

The unique wonders can remind of Pandora in the film Avatar. According to the related website, this is the main reason of becoming a dream travel destination.In March 2004, The Thai princess has visited Zhangjiajie Tianzi mountain, Huanglong scenic spot, once readily inscription: “Beautiful dream world”.In November 2010, The international geology experts have regarded Zhangjiajie world rare quartz sand as “Zhangjiajie landscape”.In addition to “Avatar”, the beauty of Zhangjiajie is puzzling, rude dream, which has became 3D movies elected location, such as “Journey to the west”, “The doors of ghost”, and “Catch demon” and so on.

Translated by Sophia