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Yueyang to Host 2017 Hunan International Travel Festival

Yueyang Tourism, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office announced recently that Yueyang won the right to host the opening ceremony of the 2017 Hunan International Tourism Festival. The opening ceremony will be held in this September at Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort in Xiangyang County.

It was reported that this year there were four cities competing for the right to host the Festival. Hunan Provincial Tourism Development Committee had a comprehensive assessment of the candidates’ ability in developing travel products, local government’s efforts, reception capacity, and experience of holding festivals.

Xiangyin County has vigorously promoted the development of travel. It has built Furong Avenue linking to Changsha, and upgraded its traffic artery. The main body of the first phase of Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort has been completed, including 36-hole golf international standard stadium, a town based on the culture of fishing and kiln, and happy water world. The travel report is expected to be open to the public on June 1 this year.

The Festival has been successfully held for fourteen sessions. It has become a national well-known travel festival brand, and an important platform for integrating Hunan travel resources, promoting travel products, and enhancing regional travel exchanges.

Translator: Xiao Juan