Yellow Dragon Cave Welcomes Spring with Blossoming Flower

As spring comes, A lot of tourists are invited by wintersweet, rape flower, butterfly orchid, begonia which are in blossom in Yellow Dragon Cave. All kinds of flowers, as angle of spring, accepted tourists with their greatest enthusiasm.

At ecological square of Yellow Dragon Cave, some tourists take memorial photo, some experience the joy of farming. All present a vivifying scene. Even dressing photography institutions were attracted to find a view. It is said that every spring a large batch of tourists will come for appreciation of flowers in Yellow Dragon Cave. Especially at the middle and end month of March when comes the season of blossom of rape flowers, the whole square will be covered by golden yellow. It is quite amazing.

Yellow Dragon Cave, enjoying the laudatory title of “World’s Natural Heritage” and “China’s Most Beautiful Cave”, is composed of caves and ecological square . Thus, tourists not only have chance to appreciate amazing karst view inside cave but also to experience pastoral scenery outside cave.

By Patricia