Yangjiajie Becomes a New“Business Card”of the Winter Travel in Zhangjiajie

“Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery and the steep and splendid mountains in Yangjiajie deserve their reputation!” on the morning of Nov 16th, A group of self-driving tourists from Hangzhou, Zhe jiang province climb the Tianbofu Viewing Deck, Yangjiajie and exclaim their praises to the uncanny workmanship–“Peak Wall”. It is reported since the beginning of Nov, Yangjiajie has become a new “Business card” of the winter travel in Wulingyuan, with a reception of over 1,000 tourists per day, including 80% self-driving tourists, two times on a year-on-year basis.

Located in the western Wulingyuan, adjacent to Tianzi Mount in the north, close to Yuanjiajie in the south, Ynagjiajie was discovered in the 90s of 20 century. It is bestowed with bizarre cliffs, freely streams and valley, sound eco-environment and splendid scenery. In the past ten years, due to its desolate location and inconvenient transportation, Yangjiajie was the “Dark horse” attraction, with the majority of outdoor donkey friends and backpackers coming here. Since the beginning of this year, there is a huge change in the structure of tourist source in Wulingyuan: less group tourists and more self-driving ones, making Yangjiajie become a heat place for travel.

There are two touring routes: Oolong Village and Air corridor and main natural attractions like: Tianbofu, Golden Crow, Asking for the Moon and Wooden Club Peak in Yangjiajie.“We not only enjoy the magical natural scenery, as well as listen to the original local folk songs. Yangjiajie adds more color to our journey. But it still tiring to finish all the routes by foot” A photographer at his 60s from Shangxi remarks. On hearing the news that the ropeway will be finished very soon, he indicates he will take his friends to re-visit Wulingyuan and take photos of Yangjiaje from the sky.

By Crystal