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Xiangxi “Witchcraft” Mystery will move on Film《Vampire Notes》

On October 13rd, The network movie 《Vampire Notes》 in Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake completed two days of field. After post-production, Xiangxi Vampire the riddle of the “Witchcraft” will be firstly move on to the Internet.

It is understood that 《Vampire Notes》 by restoring the story of the mystery Xiangxi Vampire, display the unique folk customs and Xiangxi Zhangjiajie fantastic natural scenery.

Xiangxi Vampire is miao folk, It is about to die bodies of land “Catch” back home, let them grave, the soul return to hometown. Zhangjiajie Xiangxi Grand Theatre will cast resin culture integrates the Charming Xiangxi. It has attracted many tourists from home and abroad and folk experts to explore.

Translated by Sophia