Wulingyuan’s sea of clouds Beautifying “Zhangjiajie Landscape”

On October 27th, morning, after the rain, the world natural heritage, the world geological park zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic spot, turning up a large, long time, multi-level sea of clouds wonders, thus adding beautiful colour for autumn “zhangjiajie landscape”. It let the tourists and photography fans excited and reluctant to leave.

The autumn zhangjiajie, the color of mountains in scenic spot are gorgeous charming. A sea of clouds rendering beauty, everywhere presenting a wonderland. Beautiful scenery, suitable climate, relatively affordable prices and good conditions, has attracted thousands of tourists both from home and abroad to visit zhangjiajie autumn scenery every day. TianZi mountain peak, BaoFeng lake and Huanglong hole are full of an endless stream of visitors.

According to the huanglong hole′s introduction, nearly a week, huanglong hole receives tourists in an average of about 5000 people every day, and a year-on-year increase of twenty percent last year. TianZi mountain cableway company introducts that, tourists take ropeway nearly 10000. And by 10 o′clock on 27th, it has transported 4000 tourists, and the receiption has substantially increased.

Translated by Sophia