Wulingyuan Yangjiajie Scenic Spot becomes a Hot Spring Attraction

Wonderland Wulingyuan has drunken beauty Yangjiajie.The world natural heritage Wulingyuan Yangjiajie was increasingly favored by domestic and overseas tourists, becoming a hot spring outing attraction.According to Yangjiajie cableway co., LTD. Staff, on March 28th to 30th, the cableway transportation has carried visitors 16,000 person-time, average daily “Absorb” the guest more than 5,000 people.

Yangjiajie scenic area gradually attracts tourists, owing to its own characteristic peak wall widely promotion, also benefiting from the opening of the “Air corridor” cableway operation.For qualitative transformation, Tianzi mountain cableway lets Yangjiajie cableway transportation become full play.

Yangjiajie scenic spot is located in the northwest, according to legend named Yang warrior seed migration in the song dynasty.Yangjiajie peak scenic area in addition to visit the Great Wall “Natural” outside the wall and other natural wonders, in spring, people can also appreciate the hexagon azalea, may flower precious flowers, etc.

Translated by Sophia