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Qianyang Ancient Town Crowned National 4A Travel Attraction

On September 24th, Qianyang ancient town of Hongjiang city has passed the evaluation from national travel attraction quality rating committee, becoming a national 4A travel attraction.

Located in Hongjiang municipality, Qianyang ancient town has a history of 2,200 years. There are crisscross lanes, row upon row of architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties, becoming a pure beauty town that described by the international famous cartoonist Xiada as “Half light and half shadow”. Taking the background of Qianyang ancient town, she created the cartoon serials–Child in Silence, Which is popular in Japan and other foreign countries. There are many important historical relic sites that scattered inside the town like stars, such as Lotus Building, Nanzheng street, Temple of literature, county yamun, Wang shou palace and Zhongzheng gate. Its well-protected overall scene pattern and ancient building complex attract 60 movies and television plays to shot there, such as A Dream of Youth, My Heart is bright, honored “The ancient building museum in river south ”, “Film and television shooting base in south China”. In May of this year, Qianyang ancient building complex and Lotus building have been listed as national key cultural relics protection units.

In recent years, in light of the principle of “Scientific planning, rational exploitation and sustainable use”, Hongjiang city has taken efforts to travel development, aiming to build it into a international travel destination; Put 220RMB million into infrastructure and service supporting facilities, which make overall update on the scenic spot.

By Crystal