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Wulingyuan “Four measures” to serve the self-driving tour in Golden Week

In recent days, for coping with the blowout of National Day, Mid-Autumn festival holiday, Zhangjiajie WuLingYuan timely and effectively announced scenic transportation, accommodation, sightseeing real-time information, so as to guide visitors to have reasonable arrangement, leading to do well in the “four service”.

Do stop service. New openning more than 6500 parking spaces, parking space total over 10000, and classifying the parking space to be easy to pass in and out.

Do line guide service. In YangLong highway, ZhangQing along the highway and wulingyuan urban road, setting a significant identification plate. At the same time, in addition to use unified making zhangjiajie self-help manual which made by municipal travel administration bureau, still alone making detailed “wulingyuan leading line graphs “, which could see scenic spots, lines, gas station, hotel information and so on.

Do advisory service. Setting up advisory service for self-driving guests to wulingyuan, thus providing comprehensive and accurate travel advisory services.

Do housing dispensing service. Each hotel will try to make room for extra bed, making sure wulingyuan tourists to have room to live in. It also requires each unit to mobilize cadres and employees to spare family room, as a preparation reception. And making 29 units a task of 300 rooms housing dispensing, announcing the housing dispensing contact phone, for a rainy day.

Translated by Sophia