Wow, Beautiful Zhangjiajie Landform Printed on Snow Beers!!!

According the source from Red net on June 15th, snow beers that are printed with World Nature Heritage are available to the public. Reporters have seen those beers at catering market in Hunan province. It is said that 200 million snow beers will be produced in succession. On the theme of “the Beauty of Nature”, these series of beers are included Zhangjiajie landform as well as other 5 scenic spots in Hunan. Other 5 scenic spots are Yueyang Tower,Fenghuang Ancient Town, Love Dusk Pavilion on Yuelu Hill, Orange Continent Head in Changsha and Mountain Heng. Dispatched to nationwide, these beers will play an important role in promoting Hunan travel represented by Zhangjiajie.

All the 6 scenic spots was selected from an activity “the Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in My Heart”, sponsored by snow beer company. The rating activity lasted for 13 days. These 6 scenic spots listed as the first 6 out of 69 provincial scenic attractions, among which Zhangjiajie topped No 1 undoubtingly.

It is a creative travel marketing for Zhangjiajie as well as other Hunan tourist resources to make use of enormous customer group and distribution channel of snow beers, which will help to enhance the publicity of Zhangjiajie and attract many guests at home and abroad.

By Emma