World Wingsuit League Tests New Route for Competition in Tianmenshan

On July 22, Mount Tianmen of Zhangjiajie, Hunan enjoyed a cloudless blue sky. Suddenly, a white shadow with “wings” leaped down from the peak of the cliff at the east side of Tianmen Mountaintop, crossing gorges and peaks and landing safely on a winding mountain road. The moment it flew past the cableway of Mount Tianmen, the tourists in the cable car shouted “I see the wingsuit flying.” with surprise.

The 3rd World Wingsuit Flying Championship, which is being hosted by the World Wingsuit League, is scheduled to be held in Mount Tianmen this October. At present, President of the World Wingsuit League Iiro Seppanen and Secretary-general Frank Yang, and two players having participated in the 2013 Wingsuit Flying Championship including Ellen Brennan from America and James Boole from the UK are surveying flying route for the competition in Tianmen Mountain. The white shadow flying in Tianmen Mountain on July 22 was Ellen Brennan, the only woman participant in last year’s competition.

The organizing committee of the competition will choose new flying route for this year’s competition, striving to increase ornamental value while increasing difficulty level. Besides, new challenges like pair-flying or multi-player group flying to be added.

Ellen Brennan succeeds in trial flying

Ellen Brennan is ready to take off

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal