Witness Best Bird Migrations in Dongting Lake

Flocks of migratory birds have started arriving in wetlands of East Dongting Lake for winter since late October. According to staff at the East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve, the lake has predicted an inflow of 120 thousand migratory birds this winter and the period between mid-to-late November and early December is the best season for bird watching.

Dongting Lake is one of the best-known bird watching destinations nationwide. Since November, a good population of bird-lovers has thronged there to go birding and take photographs. The greatest charm of autumn and winter there is birding and it is currently the peak season for bird migration at Dongting Lake.

Pied avocets flying up and down the lake shore.

Grey crowned-cranes foraging in wetlands.

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal