UNESCO experts reassess and comment on Zhangjiajie

On July 20, 2018, UNESCO experts reassessed and commented on Zhangjiajie. UNESCO experts Dr. Randy Miller and Dr. Marco Cogack, Mayor of Zhangjiajie Liu Ge'an, Secretary of Wulingyuan District Committee, Zhu Yongwen, and Li Peiqi, deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie, attended this feedback meeting.  

The experts of UNESCO have fully affirmed the management work done by Zhangjiajie. They made feedbacks on geological science, ecological environment protection, and geopark development. They believe that it is necessary to further improve the fossil labels of scenic spots, so that tourists can have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the history of fossils; To transmit more geological knowledge information to tourists; strengthen cooperation and exchange with sister geological parks in specific fields, seek to establish partnerships; strengthen training for tour guides and travel practitioners, strengthen park protection, live in harmony with nature, and establish stable and friendly ecological environment relationship.  

Zhangjiajie officially thanked the experts of UNESCO for their hard work. As the manager of the World Geopark, Zhangjiajie World Geopark will be fully implemented to reassess various rectification work and promote the sustainable development of the park.

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Source from Peng Lei