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Twelve Steps towards “Green Hunan”

1. Rural Biogas Projects for 70,000 villagers in 87 counties and towns of 14 cities and prefecture;

2. Overall treatment of rocky desertification in karst regions in 80 counties and cities;

3. Educational promotion campaign of ecological culture in Hunan’s elementary and secondary schools;

4. Research and application of key technology for cadmium contamination treatment along the Xiangjiang River;

5. Clean production examination of 100 industrial Hunan-based enterprises;

6. Treatment of heavy metal pollution along the Xiangjiang River;

7. Planned projects of constructing 11 green buildings and construction of 34 demonstration projects of energy-saving buildings;

8. Promotion of the reconstruction of supporting facilities of large and medium-sized irrigation districts, and renovation of their water conservancy facilities, as well as the construction of state-level key counties of small-scale farmland irrigation and water conservancy with the investment of 1.4 billion yuan;

9. Key rural cleaning projects of 100 demonstration villages;

10. Establishment and protection of 88-million-mu (about 5,896,000 hectares) biological forests, and construction of 19 wetland parks with high standards;

11. Construction of Lotus Theatre, other small theatres, music halls, Hunan Exhibition and Protection Base of Archaeological Heritage and Hunan Exhibition Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage with 2.4 billion yuan investment;

12. Examination of the prescription and technology on 1,224 national essential drugs and 321 provincial supplemented drugs, establishment of supervision records, and strict supervision of 78 essential medicine makers.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal