Traveling Peak Seen on Last Day of Qingming Festival Holiday

April 4 marked the last day of the Qingming Festival Holiday, the three-day holiday for the Tomb-Sweeping Day. Hunan’s expressways and high-speed railways saw a travel peak on that day. The Hunan Road Administration Bureau announced that all expressways will resume toll collection for cars with up to seven seats from the midnight of April 5th. 

The number of vehicles on the province’s expressways was expected to be over 11 million during the Holiday. 

More trains and double-headed locomotives were scheduled to be added to ease the travel pressure. Six pairs of extra bullet trains heading to Guangzhou, Huaihua, Guiyang and other cities were planned to be added at Changshanan Railway Station. The number of passengers moving through the Station hit a record high to 135,000 on the first day of Qingming Festival on April 2nd. 

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal

Translator: Xiao Juan