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Travel Logo Design Wanted for Changsha City

The City of Changsha debuted a travel logo design competition on May 9, inviting entires from all over the world by July 30, 2013. 

All entries should capture the essence of Changsha’s travel culture, be invitiong,expressive,and aesthetically appealing;

A concise design, a clear theme, and a full presentation of a “Happy Changsha” travel image are required;

Each design should be distinctive and instantly recognizable, and must perform well its symbolic duties and lend itself to bothblack-and-white,and color printing; 

Both computer-made and hand-drawn logos are eligible. A brief statement (no more than 300 characters) explaining the meaning behind the design should be included with a font design for “Happy Changsha” in Chinese and English; 

Line art, gouache, and watercolor painting can be used to create city landmarks (including Changsha new station of Wuhan-Changsha Passenger Dedicated Line, Orange Isle, Autumn-admiring Pavilion, Yuelu Mountain, Tianxin Pavilion, andYuelu Academy). 

All submissions will be judged to select 100 works for the second round evaluation. The 10 second-round winners will go on to the final round, where winners will be awarded cash prizes from 50 thousand yuan to 5 thousand yuan: first prize (1 awarded): 50 thousand yuan; second prize (2 awarded): 10 thousand yuan; third prize (3 awarded): 5 thousand yuan.

Translator: Liu Fen