Travel administration leadership to check the work in zhangjiajie

June 22 to 23,, deputy director of the national travel administration ZhuShanZhong led the national travel security inspection team to check tourist safety work in zhangjiajie,  Hunan travel bureau chief YangGuangRong, deputy director LiuZhiMing, Hunan administration's chief engineer of the food WuGongPing, and zhangjiajie leadership ZhaoXiaoMing, ChenChuyi, LiangBi accompanied inspection.

ZhaoXiaoMing said that security is the lifeline of travel, zhangjiajie will carry out in-depth "peace satisfaction" activities, increase travel infrastructure construction force, and constantly improve the travel standardization, the construction of the safety standards of zhangjiajie safety travel system, building good travel market order and high efficient management mechanism, promoting travel industry science development, promoting travel industry upgrade and further speed up the construction of the world travel scenery exquisite and international leisure travel city.