Tourists enjoys “Misty rain in Zhangjiajie”

On August 14th, 12 O’clock at night, bright lights, Huanglong hole harry hall is still buzzing. After watching “Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” the fourth show, guests just over the night, talking and laughing, some groups have interest in this review the program.

“Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” is a large folk cultural program. It shows Zhangjiajie tujia, miao simple life, with a unique and clever dance art creation, wonderful and shock the score, the perfect audio-visual enjoyment to the audience. It is not only the domestic first 3D visual customs performing arts, is also the first simulation live theatre performance. It uses modern science and technology facilities such as sound, light, electricity, etc., with large lifelike video effects, and combines live action and video picture perfect, to let a person to know the world and the mystery of Zhangjiajie national amorous feelings.

In recent years, with development of culture, leisure and travel, “Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” wins recognition and popularity of the masses of tourists gradually. Later on, it has emerged three performances a day. In order to satisfy the masses of tourists opera desire, hallelujah hall on the basis of comprehensive evaluation factors, has decided to overcome every four performances.

Translated by Sophia