Tianmenshan Ropeway Goes to Overhaul from Dec 9 to Dec 24 with No Reception

On Dec 2nd, Source from Tianmenshan National Forest Park is released the ropeway will goes to annual overhaul from Dec 9th to Dec 24th and come to a off-stream with no reception of tourists. The ropeway will resume its operation in Dec 25th and the attraction also opens to tourists on Dec 25th.

The annual overhaul includes conventional equipment yearly check and acceptance check of the new equipment. As a major transportation facility in the attraction, except the daily maintaining, Tianmenshan ropeway will be undergone carefully integral inspection annually to ensure its operational security.

From Dec 25th, 2013 to Feb 28th, 2014, Due to the approach to ice and snow season, The e-car comes to a off-the-line and Tianmen Cave is closed with the winter ticket price of 225RMB. With a altitude of 1,518.6 meters, Tianmenshan is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie. From every Dec to Mar of next year, Beautiful snow scenery prevails in Tianmenshan and so is honored “Beauliful south snow country” by many tourists.

By Crystal