Tianmenshan and “Fox Spirit” came into the “Labour” Holiday in Advance

On April 11 and 12, From 8:00am o’clock in the morning, Tianmen mountain cableway station had a long line.

On April 11, Although it did not reach the saturated reception, in order to ensure the quality of service, Tianmen mountain stopped selling tickets in advance. With a total of nearly 9,000 tourists, the reception number increased by as much as 270% from a year earlier.

“Tianmen fox spirit” performance was fully booked this weekend. Even some travel teams booked concert tickets three days in advance.A lot of drive tourists, also came from Thailand, South Korea, although the language is different, the music without borders, the audience were absorbed in the plot of the ups and downs, the applause.

Starting from April each year, Tianmen mountain scenic spot and “Tianmen fox spirit” started small peak season for travel.

Translated by Sophia