The World Natural Heritage Zhangjiajie Enchanting first snow in winter

The first snow in Zhangjiajie, Scenery is beautiful. On December 5th, The World Natural Heritage Zhangjiajie welcomes the first snowfall this winter. Thousands of visitors visited lucky Huangshi village to see magnificent snow.

According to staff of the scenic spot, affected by the snow, Tianzi mountain to Yangjiajie eco-car has a temporary suspension, But Dragon ladder, Huangshi village cableway, Yangjiajie cableway, Ten-mile gallery tour tram transportation are running normally. In addition, Dragon ladder recently launches of the ticket discount policy.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan reminds the masses of tourists, travel department due to slippery snow road, people needs to pay attention to keep warm antifreeze to ensure a safe and orderly.

Translated by Sophia