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The World Expert Group Gave High Praise to Zhangjiajie

On August 8th at 5 PM, on the meeting about the evaluation of zhangjiajie world geological park, the UNESCO geological experts gave full affirmation to the achievement in construction, management, utilization of zhangjiajie nearly four years. Meanwhile ,they hoped the park could be enhanced the management level and strengthened scientific research work. Soon it would become a world class geological park, giving benefit to human beings.

Germany geological experts Maria-Luise Frey, Brazil geological experts Flavia Fernanda DE Lima, China geological environment department of land and resources chief ChenXiaoNing, three ladies of the UNESCO geological expert group agreed: the scenery of zhangjiajie world geological park was beautiful with rare resources. It was the “earth’s memory” that nature given to man, which was worth of protecting and understanding.

Translated by Sophia