The Vocal Music Set “Zhangjiajie Cantata” was Published

On January 31th, large vocal melody “zhangjiajie cantata” was published by the chinese federation press. As we have learned, “zhangjiajie cantata”, as the first personal vocal music album in hunan province, which set by the famous Jinsha, and composer YinSongJun, YinXiaoXing.

“Zhangjiajie Cantata” is a large comprehensive music works, with poetic, including “the missing wulingyuan”, “on the high mountain”, “the most beautiful huanglong hole” and so on. With the piano spectrum version, a beautiful melody, emotional and deep implication, the songwriter use skilled excitation and full-bodied love, to show the spirit of the time and fusion. The aim is to show ecological civilization concept of respecting nature, protecting nature, and thanking nature. With high artistic quality, it expresses the people’s livelihood feelings, which acceptted by  the public.

Translated by Sophia