The Rehearsal of the Fourth Zhangjiajie Internet Spring Festival Gala Has Got Started

On February 10th, the rehearsal of the fourth Zhangjiajie Internet Spring Festival Gala which is named “the Night of Oriental Pearl” launched comprehensively in Zhangjiajie. Performing staff of all programs have all got ready.

According to introduction from staff of director group, the supreme principle of this Internet Spring Festival Gala is based on e-pals’ likes. Its unique point is that not only actors and actresses but also program scripts are from internet. At the scene of rehearsal, the journalist witnessed performer’s rehearsing their original opusculum and their performance is not second to professional performers.

This “Internet Spring Festival Gala” will fully take advantage of the internet which is of large capacity, easy to be researched and characterized by script’s tight coupling with audio and video and powerful interaction between performers and audience. It is trying to present a gala which can fully present e-pal’s personality and fashion under latest culture background.

The gala will be performed in Grand Theatre of Ge Zi Hua. At the same time, it will be on live globally on internet. A feast of Spring Festival is waiting for you.

By Patricia