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The price of Eco-friendly cars in Baofeng Lake Dropped down

The price of Eco-friendly cars in Wulingyuan Baofeng Lake,has dropped to 25RMB per person for a round trip from April 1st.According to the Development and Reform Commission,the price reduced 5RMB per person and the new price policy will last for three years.

In Baofeng Lake tourist center,A price board in front of the ticket window says children under 1.3 meters in height are free for eco-friendly cars, juveniles,students under the age of 24,the disabled,people over the age of 60,servicemen,military retired,immediate family members of martyrs,low income families with certificate are eligible for a discount price,namely 15RMB per person for a round trip.In addition,selling tickets of Eco-friendly cars for tourists should adhere to the principle of voluntary.

It is reported that Eco-friendly cars in Baofeng Lake begun operating in the second half of 2014.The whole line is 2km in length from the entrance of Baofeng Lake to parking lot in the end of the lake.

By Aileen