The Ninth China (Hunan) Travel Expo to Kick off Oct. 19

The Ninth China (Hunan) Tourism Expo (Expo) and the First Tourism Equipment Exhibition (Exhibition) will be held in Changsha on October 19. With a theme of "Developing Tourism Equipment to Improve Tourism Quality", the Expo wants to highlight travel equipment for the first time. It is hoped that it will provide a better display and communication platform for the provinces, cities and travel enterprises through the following measures: brands taken as a leading role, platform as a support, supporting policies, media to help publicize, and negotiation and cooperation chances offered.

Nearly 100 travel equipment enterprises such as Yaguang Technology Group Co., Ltd. ("Sunbird Yacht"), Earth House, Joyful Vehicle, Hunan Maglev Group, Zhonghuilv Smart Scenic Management Ltd., Xiamen Airlines, Hongjiang Ancient Mall Scenic Area, Cultural Tourism Branch of Hunan SPD Bank and scenic spot operators started booth decoration. The Expo will open at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 19. By then, the visitors will be impressed by its professional and interactive design on travel experience.

Source from: EnjoyChangsha