The Guests Favoring Plum Blossoms and Snow in Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village

Lately, Zhangjiajie Park-Huangshi Village Scenic spot, showed many beautiful sights on and down the mountain, where people lived a leisure lifestyle and enjoyed themselves, stepping over snow and watching plum blossoms. About 3 thousand people in total visited here to spend their weekend walking over snow and watching plum blossoms, from January 31st to February 1st.

On the top of Huangshi Village lay all kinds of flower-like icy crystals. Some were on the branches or its tips, others on leaves. Those were glittering and white with various unusual shapes like goose feathers, ambers, pearls, agates… Distant mountains sometimes appeared and sometimes disappeared, monkeys nearby jumping here and there. The visitors had fun watching the snow, screaming and laughing continuously among mountains.

Although it was chilly, the plum garden is very lively with thousands of plum trees standing, showing their own unique charm and celebrating the blessing new year. Plum blossoms there are pink, golden yellow and white snow, and most of them are bearing buds that will blossom soon. Only a few are in full bloom. “The plum blossoms have a 2-month long flower period. With more and more flower blooming, the fragrance here will become stronger and stronger and the scenery will more beautiful as well”Zhang Jiayuan, Manager of Huangshi Village Cable Company introduced.

Translated by Zumi