The first “Zhangjiajie Tujia Daughter Meeting” Will be Held in Xibu street

In order to inherit excellent tujia culture, to create a zhangjiajie tujia folk culture travel brand, marketing winter of zhangjiajie, from nov. 30th, to dec. 2rd, a big “tujia daughter meeting” blind date activity —– “2012 the first zhangjiajie tujia daughter meeting will be held in Xibu street of WuLingYuan.

The blind date activity is full of national regional characteristic opening ceremony, tujia block door marriage customs performance, antiphonal love song, love flowers, matchmaker pairing, Xibu street taobao love, bonfire party, etc. These activities aim at deducing how the industrious and kind-hearted tujia people to fall in love with each other, with rich tujia folk customs.

As we have learned, “daughter meeting” originally is the tujia young men and women gather together for love, which has been 300 years history. It is known as “the long history of the oriental valentine’s day”.

Translated by Sophia