The First Zhangjiajie Rock DJ Music Festival will be held in Jishou University

From Nov. 7th to 9th, the first 2012 Zhangjiajie Rock DJ Music Festival will be grandly held at the stadium in new school area of Zhangjiajie College of Jishou University. This music festival aims to present an original, splendid music feast with superb skill and endeavors to make Zhangjiajie a fashion, international travel city. It will definitely absorb both domestic and foreign tourists and rich their entertainment life.

This rock festival is divided into three chapters which are Big Beautiful Dream, Boundless Music, Meet in Zhangjiajie. Programs are mainly composed of group bands, specially invited DJ master, individual singing and Zhangjiajie primitive music and dance with characteristics of Tujia nationality. Meanwhile, bright and colorful light show and flame performance with lively rhythm will be presented to oriental and western guests. Famous international data bass man & miss mixit, data bass man, DJO (France) VJ artists, DJ Yan, Mu Xiaohu will bring the festival to a climax and domestic famous band like Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen Band, Candy Monster Band, ShanRen Band, Ajinai Band, Mosaic Band, Grey Wolf Band, Xiaowei & Panda Band and Focus Band are going to shock your ear!

By Brenda