The First Museum of Salamander Opens in Zhangjiajie

On July 28, the first museum of salamander in the world - China Salamander Biotechnology Museum opened to the public on trial, marking an end of the lack of technological and cultural attractions in Zhangjiajie.

Located at Wulingyuan Scenic Spot in Zhangjiajie City, the two-storey museum sets up eight sections including “Biological creature”, “Home of Salamander”, “Exploration of Salamander”, and “4D Theater”. Integrating science popularization, travel and art into a whole and taking the geological evolution of the rarely-seen quartz sandstone peak forest of Zhangjiajie as its background, the museum employs advanced multimedia techniques of sound, light and electricity to unveil mysteries of salamanders and highlights the theme of “nature, humanity, technology”.

It is learned that the full-price ticket is 98 yuan per person, enrolled students under 24, active army, and lineal relatives of martyrs can enjoy discounted ticket at 58 yuan, and the aged above 7o and children under 120cm in height are free of charge.