The First Langshan Cultural Travel Festival Kicks off

The First Langshan Cultural Tourism Festival was unveiled on the afternoon of September 23 at the north gate of Langshan Mountain. The mountain, as part of China’s Danxia landforms (a type of red rock mountains unique to China), was added to the World Natural Heritage List during the 34th World Heritage Convention.

The festival has launched ten activities, including large-scale concerts of famous stars, investment solicitation of key projects, initial release ceremony of the book named The Road of China’s Langshan Declaring World Natural Heritage, and painting Langshan by the local artists. Most of the activities have been initiated during the period from Mid-autumn Day holiday to the National Day holiday while the mass selection of Langshan babies and the design competition of Langshan mascot will last until the end of November this year.

Chen Youxiu, secretary of the CPC Xinning County Committee, said at the opening ceremony of the festival that the successful declaration of Langshan as a world natural heritage site marks that the mountain has become a common treasure of human being and provided a historical opportunity for the county to develop its travel industry. The county will comply with the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, further enhance the level of protection, management and service, improve supporting facilities, and make its travel industry bigger and stronger so as to build the mountain into a new international resort and a demonstration area for protection, administration, and scientific presentation of China’s Danxia landforms.