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The First Kiss Challenging Competition is to Put into Zhangjiajie Bafeng Lake

“Love in Baofeng Lake, Kisses for destined lifelong unions”, The first Wulingyuan Bafeng Lake Kiss Challenging Competition is planned to kick off during the Single’s Day.Visitors is accessible to win iphone6, Ipads and other gift packs, only if they take pictures of kissing around symbolic attractions or logos and then publish them on Wechat platform “Zhangjiajie New Discovery”, From 6th to 11th this month.

It is said that 2 most popular awards, one most creative award and 1one most passionate award will be selected by open voting between 11th to 15th, November. The top winner will have an iphone6 for 5288RMB, an ipad mini 3 per each for 2888RMB to the second as well as the most creative or passionate one. The first tenth winners are awarded with Giant Salamander gift packs for 500RMB and Xiangxiaowu Specialty gift packs for 500RMB. If you are interested, you may as well join the Wechat.

With the upcoming of the Single’s Day, Are you facing loneliness all by yourself? Are you hesitating to speak out your love to your beloved one? Have your girlfriend been complaining about your lack of romance for flat love confession? Welcome to the love lake “Baofeng Lake” to witness your most passionate kisses in the lake, on the top mountains, on the bridges … Why not take your beloved one there to say farewell to your single life?

Translated by Zumi