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The Development of Zhangjiajie Summit Was Held Successfully

On the afternoon of July 26th, “Construction changes life”, 2012, the development of Zhangjiajie summit was held successfully.

This summit is one of theme activities, in the first travel elaboration city construction exhibition. It is guided by the propaganda department of the municipal party committee, held by newspaper office of Zhangjiajie , and supported by municipal housing and construction bureau support. It talks about “the landscape articles”, “how to achieve the construction to a better breakthrough”, “striving the leading role in the mountain area”. The three big themes discuss the construction and development of zhangjiajie, which trying to make better breakthroughs and playing a important role in the WuLingYuan area. The summit will push project and city in harmony, promote the adjustment of urban layout in Zhangjiajie, and perfect the urban transport functions,thus promoting industrial upgrading and ascending humanity spirit, so as to realize the ambitious goal of constructiing travel boutique city.

Translated by Sophia