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The Biggest Cave in Asia—Jiutian Cave

Jiutian Cave, is like a pure girl of Miao, quietly resides in Shangzhi ,Zhangjiajie.It ‘s named after there are nine skylights connected with the ground. In 1988, the geological experts explored that Jiutian Cave fully deserves the title of being the biggest cave in Asia for its area—more than 2500,000 sqm .Inside Jiutian Cave, it is mild in winter and cool in summer.In addition,the sceneries are so impressive especially the three scenic masterpieces that visitors are unwilling to leave.

Tujia Village

By way of Water-lily Hall,a hall named for a water-lily hanging upside down .We passed by Lovers’ Bridge,where stands a beautiful Bride of Miao who waiting for her groom.Went inside, the  first scenic masterpiece—Tujia Village ran into our eyes. Towering stalactite are rich in shapes.

Forest Wonder Underground

Firstly,we can see a red lucky stone beside the slope.It is said that it will bring you luck if you piously touch it. Stepped up the slope ,looked down then.What presented were the stalactite abundant in shapes and sizes,as if a forest .That’s why we call it Forest Wonder Underground.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is located in the second floor of Jiutian Cave.There is only one way lead to  Crystal Palace,crossing the lake by boat.It is heard that in this lake once lived giant salamander,a rare animal.On arrival,a hill shinning with gold lights will immediately catch your eyes.According to the scientific identification, the stone hill is 150000 years old now and inside there is a calcite crystal with Phosphorus .Thus,in sunny summer,the hill will be more beautiful.

Traveling in Jiutian Cave ,Zhangjiajie,is a relief of spirit.Its pure and natural beauty can set you free from the worldly annoyance.

Source and Translated by Aileen