The 7th World Wingsuit League Championships ended in Tianmenshan

On September 18th, The 7th World Wingsuit League(WWL) World Championships ended in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan. Australian Chris Burns won two championships in long-distance gliding and big loop races. Canadian player Robert Herron won Accurately wearing the target champion, Chinese player Zhang Shupeng won the bronze medal in the accurate target.

The contest started on September 13 and is divided into three categories: long-distance gliding, big loopback racing and precision target shooting. It attracted 15 players from 10 countries including China, the United States, Canada and Australia. Nearly 100 domestic and overseas media rushed to report. Since World Wingsuit League(WWL) World Championship was held in Tianmenshan in 2012, it has been successfully held for seven times this year, which has played a certain role in enhancing the international influence and attention of Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan.

Source from Li Chengyi/Ding Yunjuan