Taiwan’s United Daily Newspaper Reports Zhangjiajie Scenery

On February 26th, The United Daily News, United Evening News and Economic Daily, Three news of Taiwan recently have been much reported Zhangjiajie beautiful natural scenery and colorful folk customs.

In November last year, Taiwan’s United Daily News reporters arrived in Zhangjiajie, with a three-day of on-site interview of unique rare WuLingYuan travel products and investment environment. After the trip, the reporters according to what they had seen and heard in Wulingyuan, illustrated much information on the united daily news, united evening news and economic daily.

The united daily news is issued by the Chinese newspaper in Taiwan region, Founded on September 16th, 1951. It is one of the three largest newspaper companies in Taiwan. United evening news and economic daily also enjoy high reputation in Taiwan area. All of news media have propaganda on Zhangjiajie, Further enhancing the reputation and popularity of the zhangjiajie in Taiwan, Attracting more Taiwan compatriots to visit Zhangjiajie travel and investment.

Translated by Sophia