Taiwan Taizhong-Zhangjiajie Flight is to Run in June

It is reported that flight from Taizhong to Zhangjiajie is to run with 4 flights each week in June this year, Which will boost tourist market between Taiwan and Zhangjiajie.

Zeng Xuejun, The vice manage of Taizhong Xitai Travel Agency expressed its significance on travel on both sides, “In light of the important status of Zhangjiajie in Taiwan’s tourist market, 4 more flights will be open to commute between Taizhong and Zhangjiajie. It will help release the tension of airplane in Taizhong and also fulfill people’s wish to visit Zhangjiajie”

Taizhong is located in the middle of Taiwan with an area of 2,215 square kilometers. It has a population of 2.7 million people, Which is the developmental core of central Taiwan. With mild climate and beautiful environment, It is recognized as the most suitable livable city.

Translated by Zumi