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Sunflowers in full blossom in HN Provincial Botanical Garden on National Day

Source from Hunan official website, On Sep.30th, As National Day approaches,Changsha has been back to summer in a very short of time. Sunflowers burst into bloom under the bright sun in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden.

Planted sunflowers are mainly concentrated in flowers Plaza and azaleas Square at the North Gate and other places, There are 35 species including the Lv boxianzi(Green Charm), Yueying, Hong ningmeng(Red lemon), Zui yunchang, Hao yunduo(Good luck), Which covered an area of 50 acres. Currently, most of the sunflowers are entering the flowering stage and are expected to be in full bloom in Golden week.

In addition, with butterflies, sunflowers flowers, osmanthus, landscape flowers as the main elements, the second term of flowers eco-cultural festival held by the provincial botanical garden under the theme of the “Flowers Sea • Butterflies Festival” will continue until October 20th.The zoo has introduced 20 ten thousand of rare butterflies covering more than 20 varieties Gold swallowtail butterflies, gold and silks butterflies, withered leaves vanessa, red vanessa, waves green swallowtail butterflies, red ribbon green swallowtail, jade belt swallowtail butterflies for tourists. At 10:30am and 4:30pm, During National Day and the Double Ninth Festival (October 12,13), visitors can also participate in romantic ceremony of releasing butterfly atthe Valley of the Butterflies.

By Brenda